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Why I am Not a Billionaire

Published February 10, 2015 - 0 Comments
I am on a yacht

I could have been a billionaire and created a company that nearly everyone has heard of.

eBay could have been mine

You see back in the day I had the idea for something very much like what eBay became. This was well before eBay ever saw the light of day.

The idea struck me in 1994 before eBay (then called AuctionWeb) was around.

I had a side project selling vinyl records and figured it would be cool to have a network where anyone could sell any collectible or valuable online. That made a lot of sense to me.

I was a web developer at that time and thus had a network of the right kind of people to help me build this project.

To make things even easier, I already worked at a company that did corporate web hosting! I could have easily gotten started on this project and probably could have made headway.

The only problem was I never got started!

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part

Fear is probably the biggest reason that keeps us from getting started. That thought creeps in the back of your mind like a cockroach.

“What if I fail?”

Being human we have a disproportionate fear of loss. This can lead us to worry about things that truly do not matter much:

  • “What if people lose respect of me?”
  • “What if I end up wasting my time?”
  • “What if I waste money?”

Little did I know that this idea of mine would become a billion dollar enterprise!

Despite having great enthusiasm and possessing many of the necessary skills, I never did get moving on it.

I cannot recall why exactly. This would have been my first business, so it probably was due to apprehension and fear.

Don’t Be Afraid

Since then I have started dozens of side projects and a more than a few businesses of my own. Eventually it gets easier to get started on new ventures. You also will learn to realize that even the failures pay dividends.

For with every failed project, you will gain wisdom.

Wisdom is priceless, you cannot buy it in a store. You have to gain it with life experience.

Even the Losers…

  • With every new project you will gain new skills.
  • With every new project you will make new professional connections.
  • With every new project you will gain new confidence.
  • With every new project you have started something that has nearly unlimited potential.
  • With every new project you will be building something that would have never existed without you.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started today.

Even the largest brick wall starts with one brick.

The trip up the tallest mountain starts with one step.

Take that one step today, then take another tomorrow. And do not stop till you get to your mountaintop.