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One Little Change Can Make All of the Difference

Published June 16, 2014 - 0 Comments

While I was working in a job that was stifling and dreaded so much that it was hard to get out of bed; I started a little habit that made a profound difference in my life.

During my drives to work, going to pick up my kids, drives back home, and everywhere else I gave up my addiction to news talk radio, sports radio, and even music.


Instead I only listened to educational podcasts.

For me I listened to business and startup podcasts, where founders discussed starting businesses and the tactics that did and did not work.

Looking back over two years of this tiny change — it made a huge difference in me. In bite-sized pieces, with an already hectic schedule, I managed to gain what was basically for me an MBA in technology startups.

I learned dozens of sales, marketing, and business tactics; while also gaining inspiration to get working on my own business.

Listening to other people that had the nerve to start something and then reaped great benefits was incredibly inspiring.

What a Slight Change Did for Me

Without this little change there simply would not be a TribeBoost today. I am positive of that.

Within two years of starting TribeBoost, the business has already allowed me to gain the freedoms I desperately needed to be happier.

Two years!

And that goal was huge for me and frankly in my heart was something I was not sure I would ever achieve. In only two years I did!

The freedom to work with who I want to, on what I want to, where I want to, and probably most importantly — when I want to.

Freedom is huge when you are a parent of young children. It is a luxury for most and out of reach for many.

Because of my old job I missed a few of my children’s ball games last year.

Including one where my daughter hit a three-pointer that won the game.

You do not get these lost moments back. I will never see my girl make that shot, as I was not there.

I simply refuse to miss any more of these moments. Kids grow up too fast. Before you know it, they are in college.

I now have the ability to take my kids to ball practices without making excuses or begging for permission, no longer have to miss their games, and during the summer can take the kids to the beach, pool, or matinee movies at will.

Control over your schedule and time is huge for any parent.

Slight Edge Turns Puny Kid into a Football Legend

Maybe my story is not enough for you to believe in the power of tiny changes. Here is a bigger example.

Living in Georgia, University of Georgia football is practically a religion down here. And possibly no Georgia football player is more of a legend than the amazing Herschel Walker.


While at Georgia, Herschel won the Heisman Trophy and his team won the National Championship.

Herschel also had a great professional football career and recently competed as maybe the oldest MMA fighter ever.

Herschel was a scrawny 12-year old kid and asked a coach how he could get stronger. He was told to do push-ups and sit-ups regularly.

And he took the advice to heart. While watching TV, during every commercial break he would pump out a quick 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups or would alternate the push-ups and sit-ups, doing 50 push-ups during one break, then 50 sit-ups during the next. He did this until he had accumulated approximately 300 of each and would do this daily.

The great thing about these small changes is they add up after time. Herschel’s new habit meant that he did over 100,000 push-ups and over 100,000 sit-ups per year!

This turned a scrawny 12-year old into someone with a body not unlike Hercules — and in a very short period of time.

The rest is history.

Getting Started on Your Slight Edge

Turns out there is an excellent book that talks about this philosophy. It is The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness.

This is a great read and comes highly recommended.


So what is your slight edge going to be?

To be more, you have to do more.

Sure you are busy, we all are…but these changes are slight little things you can slip into any schedule. Just stick with them and the benefits start accumulating.

Your goals are certainly different than mine were, but whatever they are — to progress to the next level you have to get an edge over your competition and your past self.

Just doing things you as you are now means that you are going to stagnate.

Find your slight edge and get started on it today. In a year or two you will thank me.

Photo via AndYouDontStop