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The Importance of Being Awesome

Published August 15, 2014 - 0 Comments

I love reading about all of the clever and unique growth hacking methods that creative marketers come up with. The growth hacks that smart marketers share at Growth Hacker TV or GrowthHackers are impressive.

However, so far for me the biggest driver of growth (and by a long shot) is not a growth hack, a tactic, or anything like that.

The biggest driver of growth for TribeBoost has been repeat business.

Maybe this does not sound sexy or even very interesting to you. But sometimes the true drivers of growth are the simpler things. Let’s dig deeper…


The Numbers Don’t Lie

Sure I realized that repeat business was big for TribeBoost, but it was not until recently that I actually ran the numbers.

In my mind, I figured that repeat business probably made up about 35% or 40% of our overall business.

And then I actually ran the numbers…

It turns out that repeat business is responsible for 62.5% of our business!


That basically is the difference between a successful, profitable, and thriving business and one that is barely scraping by.

With that much repeat business you can have a sales chart that looks like this:


So What Can You Do?

Sure you can work like crazy to optimize your marketing, hire a brilliant growth hacker, and do some content marketing kung fu.

All of this is great…I am not saying to ignore these things. They help.

But if you can master getting repeat business and have a low churn rate, you already will be on your way to solid growth.

How Do You Get Repeat Business?

I think you can accomplish this in one simple way.

Be Awesome

Yoda Says Be Awesome Fool

That may sound silly to you, but if you are amazing at what you offer, good things will happen.

How Can I Be Awesome?

Here are some road maps on your way to awesomeness:

Be very responsive to client questions and feedback

Why is it so easy to impress a client with an email back within a few minutes of their question? I don’t know…but it is. So be responsive every chance you get. Never pass on any chance to wow your clients.

Deliver and do what you say you will do

I just heard from another client tonight. “I am loving the service so far. You have done exactly what you promised. I really appreciate that.”

The funny thing is, so many of your competitors over-promise and under-deliver. Don’t be like them. Flip this equation around.

Give the results the clients are expecting and add a little bit more. Keep on working to make your service better and don’t rest on yesterday.

Treat your clients like partners

Don’t just think of your clients as random people who send you money. Think of your clients as partners.

Invest in their success. If you help them gain more success, some of that will always flow back to you…at least eventually.

If you see something they can be doing better, help them. If you know someone who can help or that they should know — make the connection.

Add Kaizen to your business

Kaizen is a Japanese word. What is sad is that there is no word for this in the English language. That is a tragedy, as the concept of Kaizen is fabulous.

So what is this Kaizen I keep going on about? Kaizen is a process of continually (that means daily) looking for small areas to improve.

Rome was not built within a day and neither is the perfect business. But if you look for things to improve every day — at the end of only a few months you have made marked progress.

So how are you going to be awesome today? Connect with me at and let me know what your thoughts are.

Featured image by Adam Selwood