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The True Secret to Weight Loss

Published December 16, 2015 - 0 Comments
The Truth About Weight Loss

How many diets do you think are out there? Thousands? Millions?

How many books have been dedicated to weight loss over the past few decades?

How many have been bestsellers?

Today I drove by a business that is entirely dedicated to weight loss. That is all they do.

I imagine they charge a hefty setup fee and monthly fees after that — just to teach you how to lose weight.

People spend millions (or maybe even billions?) of dollars every year for help with losing weight.

The Amazing Secret — For Free!

Instead of charging you a hefty fee, I am going to give you the secret for free. No strings attached. No books to buy and no programs to sign up for.

I won’t even ask you for your email address (so I can upsell you later).

Using this “secret” you can and will lose weight.

Hundreds of pounds even!

You can lose enough to have a body as good as anyone in any fashion magazine.


Here it comes…

Are you ready?

Consume fewer calories than you burn via activity during the day.

And the greater the disparity between calories in and the calories out — the greater the pace of your weight loss.

That is it. End of story!

Are you surprised by the secret?

I think most of us already know this “secret”.

But yet we still pay good money to buy the new metabolic cleanser, the hot new diet, or some fancy fast acting “four week plan.”

There has got to be an easier way!

This is what we desperately want to be true.

But there probably is no true new solution out there. It is a ghost. The true secret to weight loss is the same as it ever was.

How to Get Rich Quick

We also see the same thing in entrepreneurship.

How many courses do you see about making money on the Internet?

How many books about how to get rich?

special sauce

The Secret is the Same as Before

Again the secret solution to building a successful business and making money is pretty easy to understand.

Provide value. More value than what you charge.

If your business saves customers thousands of dollars every month, but only costs $100 — you probably will not have much trouble selling it.

Again this is pretty simple math.

Are you solving a problem people care about? Something they care about enough to pay for?

Yet how many of us keep on looking for that “special sauce?”

We Are All Nutty

But there is no special sauce. We know that deep down, but keep looking for it.

The path to success is simply paved with hard and focused work. But who wants to do hard work?

What does it say about us?

To me is says that people are often hoping for a quick fix, a magic pill, a short cut…a special sauce.

The most reasonable root cause for this is old-fashioned laziness.

Can’t we just buy an easy button?

Easy Button

The Easy Button is Broken

Work is often hard. That is true. It takes time and focused effort. Achieving success and your goals is not usually easy.

But I do not know any hugely successful entrepreneurs who are lazy and do not work hard.

Is Mark Zuckerberg lazy?

What about Elon Musk?

Elon Musk does not even take vacations. He nearly died on a vacation once and then decided it was too risky to take more.

We want to think Zuck got lucky. That he had a great idea and his timing was perfect.

Well maybe his timing was really good, but the idea was nothing special and not that different from other projects before and after.

If ideas were everything — I would be one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg’s success stemmed from working his tail off, never stopping, and continuing to improve Facebook daily.

Winners realize that success is based on finding a problem to solve, getting started, working hard, sticking with it, and putting some kaizen into play.

That is the true special sauce.

Hey You Get BusyContinual focused effort at first seems like work. But later you realize it kind of fun to have a purpose, it is thrilling to achieve tough goals, and rewarding to surpass past achievements.

You do not need a book or guru to tell you this. You just need to get started. And now.